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Previous GDPR compliance: The last WordPress GDPR plugin you will ever need!


Cookies are essential for optimizing your business strategy, for better conversion, and for providing a delightful user experience (I know this all sounds jargony, but bear with me for a few seconds, things will clear up soon) . These all are tied to WordPress GDPR plugin.

To know why you need a WordPress GDPR plugin like PureDevs GDPR compliance, first, you need to know what cookies are and what do they do?

If you search online, you will find a plethora of definitions on browser cookies. All of them are so hard to understand (at least they are to me) . Therefore, I have come up with a definition of my own; an internet cookie is a small chunk of information that the website you visit and the website you are subscribed to keeps in your browser so that they can better understand you and deliver you what they think is best suited for you.

Remember, the first time you got into our site, and we asked you for permission to load cookies? Well, that was us asking to track you, but in a polite way and we did that with a WordPress GDPR plugin. If you don’t live under a rock and surf online regularly, then this probably happens to you all the time: websites asking for your permission to load cookies.

Whenever online tracking comes into our mind, two things pop up: hacking and federal crime. But we are not hackers or fugitives, are we? We are here to make an honest and hustle free living. We don’t want our precious visitors to think that we are here to get them. Quite the contrary, we are here to give them the best user experience possible by just loading bits and bits of information on their browsers.

Spoiler alert: It can backfire you!

You see, tracking is not inherently a bad thing. In this stain age, it’s all about delivering extra value to give that last push to buy your product, sign up for your newsletter or help your users to get to a specific page. Now, how do you hit that home run? Tracking my friend, to be more specific, user behavior tracking. To do that, you need to load those sweet cookies in the visitor’s browser. But, with a WordPress GDPR plugin.

So loading cookies is a good thing! Well, only when you ask your visitor’s permission first. In most cases, you don’t even have to ask them. I mean, who doesn’t love cookies, right?

But, there is an exception if your visitor is from The EU. Think of them as people who may have diabetes, so you need to ask them first before putting processed sugar in their system.

As a general rule of thumb, it is rude to poke into other’s business without their consent. And this is the reason why the WordPress GDPR plugin exists.

A WordPress GDPR plugin lets you—

  • Ask for permission to load different types of cookies.
  • Distinguish, whether the visitor is from the EU or any other corner of the world.
  • Ask for permission to load cookies only to the visitors from the EU.

Now you may ask, why should I ask for permission from the Eu citizen. What makes them so special?

That is a fair question. All of your visitors are special. But, folks from the EU are a little different because the EU doesn’t like it if their citizens are tracked without their consent. Therefore, they have come up with a set of rules called General Data Protection Regulation short for GDPR, which insists you to ask for the consent of their citizens before tracking them.

Failure to do so can lead you towards a penalty that can go up to 20 million euros or sharing 4% global revenue of the preceding year, whichever is greater. Sounds scary, right? I hope now you can fathom the importance of a WordPress GDPR plugin.

Any typical WordPress GDPR plugin can help you to avoid such ordeals. They can track the location of your customers; if your visitor is from the EU, then let you ask for permission before loading any cookie. There are plugins like WP GDPR compliance, optainmonster, All-in-one GDPR compliance, and many more, who are more than capable of taking care of this pesky little problem. And let you sleep soundly at night without the fear of police knocking at your door for the crime that you committed but never intended to.

Problems solved! Not so soon, there is a catch! While most of the plugins will let you—

  • Set full-screen layout
  • Export and import settings
  • WordPress multisite extension
  • Accept on scroll
  • Provide you with valuable analytics
  • Provide you with valuable analytics
  • Geolocation

And many many more!

But, they come at a price. And the price is, well, the price. They cost money!

If you are starting a new business or know even a little bit of codding, you know paying for something so simple is crazy!

To rescue you from such a rip-off, we here at puredevs have developed PureDevs GDPR compliance, which lets you use all the features of all the other premium plugins but for free!

In my opinion, this makes it the best free GDPR WordPress plugin in the market.

Don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead and give it a try. We assure that you will be delighted!

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