PureDevs WooCommerce customer history: get more loyal customers and boost your sales!

PureDevs WooCommerce customer history: get more loyal customers and boost your sales!

You may be wondering why on earth do I need a WooCommerce customer history plugin? The short answer: it will drive you more sales. The long answer is below ↓.

To know why you need PureDevs WooCommerce customer history plugin, first, you need to know the importance of customer history data.  

Customer history data is a vital customer behavior indicator. And we all know how important it is to understand how your customers behave.

You may say, “I already have an analytical tool for that. Why should I keep these data separately?”

The followings explain how using a WooCommerce customer history plugin like PureDevs WooCommerce customer history can give you an edge over your competitors.

Specificity: Analytical tools can only give you a bird’s eye view of how your customers are behaving. But, if you want to drill down to the specifics, you wouldn’t have much luck with your run of the mill third-party analytical tool. If you really want to take your analytics game to the next level, you don’t have any other option but to rely on your own data, not the data provided by a third-party analytical tool. They are not accurate, anyway! 

Consumer Disclosure: There is one more huge restriction to consider when it comes to third-party analytical tools. They are not allowed to disclose a customer’s search query to you. For instance, if you get into google analytics, it will show you the source of the customer. But, it will never show you what your customer has typed in google’s search box that drove them to your site. This invaluable search query, which can be a great keyword to target will always stay an enigma to you. But, if you use a WooCommerce customer history plugin like PureDevs WooCommerce customer history, you will have full access to the search query your customers conducted on your site’s search box

Proper Keyword Targeting: Targeting proper keywords is the key to success for any online business. Customer’s search history is the most refined form of keywords. This search query is telling you what your customers want, and it can help you understand whether your store offers what your customers need and want. Or if you need to make some changes.     

Customer's Preference: A WooCommerce customer history plugin lets you see what products your customers have viewed and searched. This is a piece of important information. Knowing their preferences can help you make an offer that they simply can’t refuse. When it comes to sales, it is all about understanding your customer’s pain points. The more you understand their needs and offer something that may satisfy those needs, the more they feel related to you. And the more they feel related to you, the better the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Edge Over Competitors: Don’t forget that your competitor will not sit around and let you walk all over them. When you are tinkering with your run of the mill third party analytical tool and settling down for mediocrity, they have probably added this fantastic tool to their arsenal and shooting for the star.

Do you know what is better than a customer?

A loyal customer.

Building An Army Of Loyal Customers: Statistics show the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5 times greater than retaining an existing customer. Statistics also show the likelihood of purchasing from an existing customer is 60%—70% higher than that of a new customer. We all know that the numbers don’t lie. WooCommerce customer history plugins can help you identify those precious loyal customers who may never show up on your typical analytical tools, and lets you make a lucrative offer that they simply can’t resist.

Eat Or Be Eaten: The eCommerce industry runs with the “eat or be eaten” mentality. If you want to outsmart your competitors, you need to grab on to every piece of information that you can get, and try to connect the dots. Having your customer history data means having that extra bit of information that you can use to set yourself apart from your competitors and grab the attention of your customers. This attention later converts into sales!

Target Your Top Buyers: If you are serious about your business, then you need to drill down to specifics. Normal analytical tools can tell you a lot, but they can’t and are not allowed to tell you about a particular customer, who happens to be your best buyer.

With PureDevs WooCommerce customer history, you can identify these star customers who may have visited one of your product pages repetitively but are hesitant to purchase and make them a custom offer that they will delight. This strategy works flawlessly and can skyrocket your sales.

PureDevs WooCommerce customer history plugin has more delight to offer.

Precise Targeting: PureDevs WooCommerce customer history gives you pinpoint reports for every customer. Among them, you can choose which one is more valuable to you and which ones need more pampering.

Upselling and downselling: Upsells and downsells are one of the most important parts of being successful in online business. With PureDevs WooCommerce customer history plugin, you can track all the latest purchase by all the customers, and offer them appropriate upsells and downsells. 

Advanced Graphical Representation: Now, if you are one of those people to whom data is not the forte, then don’t worry. We have got you covered, PureDevs WooCommerce customer history processes your data and presents them to you with visual cues like charts and graphs. Now, you don’t have to stare at boring data and scratch your head when trying to make a head or tell out of it. With PureDevs WooCommerce customer history analyzing your data has never been easier.

Cost-Effectiveness: Data is always in front of us, but seldom we can make a sense out of it. Hence, we hand this vital tasks over to a paid professional, and we all know how expensive they tend to be. But, PureDevs WooCommerce customer history processes these raw data neatly and make it understandable for the non-technical users. With its advanced visual cues like charts and graphs, analyzing data has never been easier. Let the plugin do the heavy lifting for you and enjoy the sweet test of knowing what exactly your customers craving for. 

Be Your Own Boss: Don’t be the slave to the analytical tools. Be the boss of your own fate. Analytical tools may change their policy at any given time, and you may no longer get reports that are most relevant and useful to you. With PureDevs WooCommerce customer history, you are the one who stores and controls your customer data. You are not dependent on others. You are no longer bound by the risk of uncertainty of losing access to data for policy change by the analytical tools. 

Accurate Information: One of the biggest nightmares of any eCommerce site owner is misleading data. Let me be a little more specific. If your user is not logged in, then it becomes harder to follow their activity on your site. A visitor may very well be an existing customer who may have purchased from you countless times before. But if he is not logged in, then your analytical tool considers them as a new and different user. This can seriously skew your data. If you really want to crank up your sales, then you need to be precise and ever vigilant. If you choose to use a customer history plugin like PureDevs WooCommerce customer history, then you don’t have to worry about whether your customer is logged in or not. PureDevs WooCommerce customer history can identify every customer, even when they are not logged in, and presents you an accurate report on their behavior.

Most Refined Source Of Data: Almost all the analytical tools rely on APIs and other third-party methods to pull their data for your site. I am not saying they are not reliable or anything, but they are solely dependent on the mercy of the search engines, which means less control for you.

If you use PureDevs WooCommerce customer history, then it will gather data directly from your website, process it, and report it from within your site. It is much easier to trust a report that has been generated on your own site rather than relying on others.

Before you start to track the hell out of your customers, don't forget to ask their permission first. Don't get a life-threatening penalty from GDPR.

Include PureDevs WooCommerce customer history in your marketing mix today, and I guarantee, if you play the cards right, you will see a surge of conversion that you have never seen before.    

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