Why 95% of B2B SaaS Videos Fail and How to Be in the 5% That Succeed

Why 95% of B2B SaaS Videos Fail and How to Be in the 5% That Succeed

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The B2B landscape is crowded, and cutting through the noise to capture attention with your video marketing strategy can feel like an impossible feat. The harsh reality is that a staggering 95% of B2B SaaS videos fail to achieve their intended goals. They struggle to resonate with viewers, generate leads, and ultimately, fall flat.

So, what separates the elite 5% of B2B SaaS videos that succeed from the vast majority that fall short? Here’s a breakdown of the key reasons for failure and the steps you can take to join the ranks of video marketing champions, using Canva, the popular design platform, as a shining example of how to do it right:

Why B2B SaaS Videos Miss the Mark

  • Features over Benefits:  Viewers aren’t interested in every intricate detail of your product. They care about how it solves their problems and improves their work lives. Canva avoids this pitfall by showcasing real-world use cases in their explainer videos. For instance, they might demonstrate how a user can create a professional social media post in minutes, highlighting the benefit of ease of use for busy marketers.
  • The Storytelling Snoozefest:  Information overload and dry presentations quickly lose viewers’ attention. Compelling narratives that connect with viewers on an emotional level are key to keeping them engaged. Canva excels at this. Their explainer videos often follow a problem-solution narrative. They might open with a designer struggling with a complicated design tool, then transition to showcasing how Canva’s user-friendly interface allows them to create stunning visuals effortlessly.
  • Blended into the Background Noise:  Generic and forgettable content gets lost in the sea of B2B videos. Standing out requires creating unique and engaging content that truly resonates with your target audience.  Canva’s explainer videos are anything but generic. They utilize bright, modern animations and graphics that reflect the creative spirit of their brand and grab viewers’ attention.
  • Production Blunders: Low-quality visuals and audio create a negative impression and undermine your message. Investing in professional production or utilizing high-quality tools ensures a polished and impactful video. Canva leverages its own design expertise to create high-quality explainer videos. The visuals are crisp and clear, and the audio is professional and easy to understand.
  • Promotion? What Promotion?  Simply creating a video isn’t enough.  Developing a strategic plan to promote your masterpiece across relevant channels and reach your target audience effectively is crucial. Canva utilizes their strong social media presence and website to effectively promote their explainer videos. They might share snippets on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, driving viewers to their website to watch the full video.

The Recipe for B2B SaaS Video Success

  1. Know Your Audience: Conduct thorough research to understand your target audience’s pain points, needs, and preferences. Tailor your video content to resonate with them specifically.
  2. Benefits are King: Clearly communicate how your product solves specific problems and improves business outcomes. Use strong visuals and storytelling to bring these benefits to life.
  3. Keep it Concise: Attention spans are short. Aim for videos under two minutes that deliver your message concisely and effectively.
  4. Quality Matters: High-quality visuals and audio make a significant difference in viewer engagement. Consider professional production or utilize high-quality tools to create a polished video.
  5. Strategic Promotion is Key: Develop a distribution plan to share your video across relevant channels like your website, social media platforms, and industry publications.
  6. Track and Analyze: Monitor your video’s performance and analyze key metrics like views, engagement, and click-through rates. Use this data to refine your approach and improve future video campaigns.

By following these steps and learning from successful examples like Canva, you can significantly increase your chances of creating B2B SaaS videos that resonate with your audience, generate leads, and propel your business forward. Remember, the key lies in understanding your audience, crafting a compelling message, and executing with quality and strategic planning. So, ditch the generic features list and start creating B2B SaaS videos that belong in the top 5%! And if you need our help to get to the top 5%, find us here.

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