Web Development

Web development is the backbone of any online business. Although it happens behind the scenes, web development can make or break your business.. Checkout how we handle the entire web development process.


In this phase we sit for a meeting with you(virtual or in-person). We make sure that we have a complete understanding of your requirements. Then we collect necessary data, analyze it, and generate a report for you.


In this phase, we develop the basic wireframe, develop a prototype design, and run it by you.


In this phase, the real development work begins. We code out the major sections and inject functionality. After that, we take feedback from you on that section. If you seek any modification, we do that. Or if you like it, then we proceed to the next phase.


In this phase, we give interactivity to all design aspects, including animation and functionality. We also test the quality of the design and coding. Once our quality assurance team and you give it a go, we hand the project to you or launch it.


If you have any particular service in mind, you can either take one of our predefined packages or request a custom quotation.

Almost all of our services are month to month basis. Even when your project is large, we divide it into bite-sized tasks that can easily be accomplished within a month. But, we highly doubt that you will ever feel the urge to terminate our relationship, given we have zero customer turnover.

We don’t have any minimum starting price or any hidden costs. All of the costs are discussed up front and we never deviate from that. As a matter of fact, our first ever service, reporting, is absolutely FREE!

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