Search Engine Optimization

Do you know over 90% online experience began with a search engine? If SEO done wrong, no other marketing effort can yield the expected result.

SEO auditing

Everything starts with a good inspection. If you don’t know what the disease is, you will never cure it. SEO auditing is crucial to get the best out of SEO. SEO auditing gives you a solid start point. When it comes to SEO auditing, we here at PureDevs inspect a broad spectrum of aspects, from technical auditing to content auditing. Once we hand you over the report, you would know
what you’re doing wrong or what’s your next viable option. Get the guesswork out of the equation.

Local SEO

If your business geographically restricted, or if the majority of your sales come from your brick and mortar business, Local SEO is absolutely critical for you. Normal SEO is just a prerequisite for you. You need to go one step further, and Local SEO is that step..
From optimizing your Google My Business to optimizing your content for voice search, we make sure your potential customer will always show up on your doorstep.

On-page SEO

Your online journey starts from a solid on-page SEO. All other marketing efforts can only stack up. Without a solid on-page SEO you would get nowhere, no matter how hard you try. Sound On-page SEO is absolutely essential for anything else to work.

We here at PureDevs pay close attention to every on-page SEO criteria and make sure your website is complying with all of them. From keyword optimization to speed optimization, everything is done here with sheer perfection.


Mistakes are bound to happen, sometimes it happens for lack of knowledge, and other times you might fall victim to the empty promises of black hat SEO. If you get penalized, success would be nothing but a wishful thinking. Every online entrepreneur’s biggest nightmare is to witness their traffic plummeted. Constant changes in Google’s algorithms often result in penalization as well. If you have built your website on bad SEO practices, it’s just a matter of time before you get penalized.

Identifying and fixing Penalization is no walk in the park. And, that where PureDevs comes in. PureDevs has a dedicated team for identifying and fixing the Penalization, and get you on your feet again. So, take advantage of that!


How do I get started?

If you have any particular service in mind, you can either take one of our predefined packages or request a custom quotation.

Will I be locked in a long-term contract?

Almost all of our services are month to month basis. Even when your project is large, we divide it into bite-sized tasks that can easily be accomplished within a month. But, we highly doubt that you will ever feel the urge to terminate our relationship, given we have zero customer turnover.

Is there any minimum starting price?

We don’t have any minimum starting price or any hidden costs. All of the costs are discussed up front and we never deviate from that. As a matter of fact, our first ever service, reporting, is absolutely FREE!

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