Graphic Design

With a team of talented designers, we create logos and banners that will establish your brand as an industry leader.

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What We Provide

Logo Design

A logo is like a superhero's emblem. It gives your business the power to be recognized and remembered in a single glance.

Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design crafts a unique visual and conceptual persona to represent a company's values, ethos, and image consistently.

Banner & Ad Design

It creates eye-catching visuals to convey messages and promote products or services effectively across various platforms.

Illustrations and Icons

It visually communicate ideas, enhance content, and simplify complex concepts, making information more engaging and understandable.

Make a Moodboard

Utilizing a moodboard proves highly effective in establishing the visual course for your creative endeavor. It serves as a powerful tool for articulating your concepts, employing a combination of images, text, and links to evoke the precise style you aim to achieve. Explore our assortment of moodboard templates to kickstart your creative journey.

Put together inspiring creative briefs

An effective creative brief lays the groundwork for a successful project. With Milanote, you have the flexibility to craft your own custom creative brief template, collaboratively filling it in with your team and clients. This platform streamlines the process of gathering project requirements, drawing inspiration, assessing competitors, and outlining your strategy, all within a single, organized space.


Before a designer dives headfirst into a project, encourage them to engage in some brainstorming to generate ideas and subsequently present them to you. This proactive step is instrumental in minimizing potential frustrations throughout the creative journey. Remember to incorporate this phase into your creative brief.

In cases where the project owner, who authored the brief, possesses strong ideas about the desired final designs, it’s advisable for them to include pertinent links or sources of inspiration within the brief. This addition enhances clarity and alignment.

Once the designer has presented 3-5 concepts arising from their brainstorming and ideation phase, collaboratively decide on the one to advance. This approach fosters a seamless graphic design workflow, leading to optimal and swift results.

Review at the 10/50/99 stage

When establishing milestones in your creative brief, it’s essential to maintain communication with your designers at key junctures during the design process. The 10/50/99 feedback process is a structured approach that ensures you provide the right feedback at the right time:

It’s common for individuals to deviate from these review guidelines and start offering feedback on aspects like color choices or fonts when the designer has only presented a skeletal outline. Such practices can be both frustrating for the designer and counterproductive. Adhering to the above design review stages ensures a smoother progression of your projects.

Present the final product

The design phase is now finished, and it’s time to acquire the final files (along with the invoice, if you’re collaborating with an external design resource) and implement the designs. If you’re keen on going above and beyond, consider soliciting feedback from your designer regarding their experience throughout the process. Inquire about areas they believe could be enhanced or adjusted, and use this input to iteratively refine your workflow. As time progresses, you’ll gain the ability to efficiently scale your design processes.