Content Strategy & Creation

Some go as far as to say that the content marketing is the only marketing left. If done right, your content can be your 24/7 sales person on no paycheck. Read through the page to know more on how we cater your content for maxize your ROI.

Research and data collection

In this phase, based on your budget, we conduct research (including keyword research), conduct search analysis, and determine whether going after the targeted content will be profitable for you or not. Once that out of the way, we collect data (both secondary and primary) to create your desired piece of content.

Content strategy

In this phase, we determine what is the most effective and efficient way to present the content to your targeted audience to get most eyeball. We provide content strategy services both for existing content and fresh content. We also set the goal for the content in this phase.

Creation and curation

In this phase, based on our content strategy, we create the actual content. We also curate the content for different marketing channels in this phase. Once creation and curation are done, we publish the content and observe how the targeted audience interacts with the newly published or modified content.


Once we have enough data from the published content, we evaluate it against our originally set upon goal in the content strategy phase to determine the success of the campaign. Based on the findings from that analysis, we either modify it or let it roam around the internet.


How do I get started?

If you have any particular service in mind, you can either take one of our predefined packages or request a custom quotation.

Will I be locked in a long-term contract?

Almost all of our services are month to month basis. Even when your project is large, we divide it into bite-sized tasks that can easily be accomplished within a month. But, we highly doubt that you will ever feel the urge to terminate our relationship, given we have zero customer turnover.

Is there any minimum starting price?

We don’t have any minimum starting price or any hidden costs. All of the costs are discussed up front and we never deviate from that. As a matter of fact, our first ever service, reporting, is absolutely FREE!

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