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StartMail, a secure email service, needed a new logo to represent their brand values of security, privacy, and ease of use. PureDevs created a design a simplistic envelope to represent the simplicity of their complex product to convey trust and growth. The final logo design helped StartMail establish a strong brand identity and growth, all within the budget of $3000.


Datafloq, a content platform for data and emerging tech, needed a new logo to convey their expertise and innovation. PureDevs created a modern, bold design with a custom typeface and stylized data icon. The final logo captures Datafloq’s brand values and mission and has helped them stand out in a crowded market. All within the budget of $2000.


Pikklepuss, an online food and beverage company, wanted a logo that would reflect their brand values of creativity, quality, and fun. PureDevs created a design that effectively communicated the uniqueness of their products and helped them establish a strong brand identity. With a bold color scheme, playful typography, and a simple but memorable icon, the final logo has been widely praised by their target audience, all within the budget of $1000.

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