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  • The plugins they created are incredibly functional! They put the need of the user above anything else. I was struggling to juggle between maintaining my online store and improving my product quality. But after implementing the tools they offer on my website, life became much easier. Now I can focus more on how to provide greater value to my customer and less on maintaining my eCommerce site.

    Amy Risch, Online Store Owner
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  • When I first launched my online clothing store, I installed a bunch of plugins just to get by. I operate worldwide, so I was highly concern about GDPR penalization. I needed a top-notch GDPR plugin. Therefore, I conducted thorough research and decided to buy puredevs' GDPR plugin. Now, my business has ramped up, and I have people dedicated to look after my site. I got rid of most of the plugins I bought initially except the ones I bought form puredevs.

    Steve Daniel, Entrepreneur
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  • I am responsible for maintaining a large eCommerce site. I was having a hard time keeping track of the activities of all the moderators. One of my industry friends recommended puredevs' notification plugin. Now, whenever there is a major change, I get notified immediately. This plugin took my anxiety away! I have tried other notification plugins before, but nothing comes close to the proficiency of this one. I recommend highly to purchase this.

    Williom John, Site Administrator
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